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We build beautiful brands for consumers who value Creativity, authenticity, design & experience.


A logo is a visual representation of the company’s brand identity on the frontlines of marketing war.

While creating a logo the designer is the channel between the client and the audience.

A logo design should personify and involve the client’s business goals and positioning, and in the end, address the needs and expectations of the consumer’s brand positioning.

A logo is a brain tattoo that a business puts on the mind of their customers. The human brain recognizes and acknowledges the shapes first, then it associates the shapes with colors and following that comes the decoding of the actual word into the meaning.

Before you start investing in marketing materials such as websites, brochures and print, determine if your logo communicates the appropriate message to your customers. Using an improper brand mark in marketing campaigns can undermine the results that lead to financial loss. Thus Golden Unicon can come out with an outstanding Logo designing based on your company profile.


Billboards and signage designs are the silent sales agent that stand on the street or in the crowded shopping mall around the clock. A poor design will fail to attract the attention whereas an exceptional design is guaranteed to attract new customers and influence their purchasing decisions.

Golden Unicon has the skills and expertise to design billboards, signage, exhibition stands and posters that not only express a company’s brand identity but shout out for the attention. They may intrigue or they may simply impress, but rest assured that our designs will always be perfectly branded so there is no doubt as to the company behind the message.


Brochures, catalogues and booklets are important tools for any of your marketing campaign.

The design of a brochure or catalogue influences the buying decisions of your customers and convinces them to choose your company’s service or product over your competitors.

A well designed brochure enhances the brand recognition. The professional brochure designer has to adhere to the brand identity guidelines of your company and in cases where there are several products or services offered the designer has to design a system of brochures that will strongly and clearly communicate the company brand throughout all pieces of the brochure system.

Effective brochure design has to differentiate you positively from the competitors and we Golden Unicon can make the difference for you.

We also do make

Newsletter design
Book Cover Design
Product Packaging Designs.

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